A topical subject – a successful rebranding story

Launched in 2015, LCW was the aspiration of our CEO Lucy Williams and is the culmination of her and our Senior Management Team’s considerable industry-wide experience.

LCW - Medical Communications Partner

The last eight years have realised a growing team of talent, a supportive environment and an inherent drive for excellence and innovation.  This has resulted in LCW trebling in size and morphing into something much more.  On recognising that flourishing growth, as a business we felt compelled to revisit brand strategy and expression.  At the start of 2023 we decided to undertake a rebrand!

Where do you begin when considering an all-encompassing, potentially unwieldy image overhaul? We felt it had to start with something tangible, a strategic point. We decided to first examine our internal brand and identify our purpose, vision, mission and values.  This led us into reviewing our positioning: we evaluated our audience, our competitors and importantly what differentiates us from them.  We did find the answers to these questions were discernible and on reflection, arguably easier to appraise, than our next stage which was brand expression. This proved far more personal.  We realised that the character of a business, its personality and brand voice, is something you occupy and breath in every day.  To identify it, let alone successfully evaluate it, requires a considerable step back and for us was achieved with internal consultations.

For our final rebranding phase, we needed to capture and create a visual representation of our deliberations.  We were fortunate in our choice of brand development company.  The team at Cross Origin professionally absorbed and helped us clarify our newly identified beliefs, strapline thoughts and key messages.  They brought them all to life with clever design, producing a refreshed brand identity that immediately resonated with us.

Welcome to the results of our rebranding experience…