How do we decide what format to use for HCP medical education?

There are many ways for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to access CPD – but how do you make meaningful interactive content which keeps the end-user engaged and helps to enrich their overall learning experience?

HCP medical education

Live webinars and symposia have traditional protected learning times. However, where your target HCP needs to access digital learning activities, you need to ensure these have the desired impact.

We always begin the process of determining the format once the education gap has been identified.

Some aspects we consider include:

  • What activities will suit the audience?
  • What do we know about the end-user and which platforms do they find most effective for learning?
  • Will the learning objectives resonate with the chosen activity? 

Recently, we have developed a behavioural change programme which consists of five CPD modules delivered by an expert facilitator. The programme included a variety of materials to help suit all learning styles:

  • A series of videos – bite-size demonstrations and longer didactic module presentations
  • Workbook resources
  • Action plan sheets
  • Reflection activities

The downloadable resources were designed to help HCPs who prefer applied learning and practice. The videos were immersive and included augmented reality to help keep the viewer interested and involved in the module. The opportunity to watch the bite-size demos, which included clinical scenarios with patients proved to be popular and a useful extension to the in-depth modules.

We have monitored and tracked how HCPs have interacted and viewed the content. This has helped us gain a greater understanding on learning preferences and styles.  

The programme engaged over 2,000 HCPs and continues to have impact.

This is just one example of a programme we have helped to deliver. If you are thinking about a medical education programme for 2024, then please get in touch to discuss how we can partner with you to make sure it is a success!